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Thank you for all the comments, kind words, e-mails and thank you letters.  We definitely feel the LOVE and would like to share it with everyone else!


Baby Aaron was thrilled throughout the whole made with love imprint experience!


Brynley  Brynley  Brynley

Baby Brynley and her brand new plaque!



We picked-up our handprint & footprint set yesterday. It's such a special keepsake and it turned out great :)! The custom colors of dark pink, light pink, & purple arrived just as I designed it. Clara's daddy, who's hobby is flying, loves the added purple airplanes.
- Mallory (and baby Clara)


isla   Isla 2

Isla and all her surfboards!

I received a gift a certificate - loved it so much, ended up purchasing two more surfboards and another hand and footprint plaque!!!  - Isla's Mom, Roxy


Jude1   Jude2  Jude3  

Thanks so much - we love it!  The colors turned out really nice!  - The Kelley Family


Thank you again for helping me out today.  If I came off as a little anxious or nervous, I was and I apologize for that!  I didn't have the chance to tell you earlier but we went to get (or tried)  Jayden's handprint done a week ago from another company that was a little closer to me.  But it was a disaster.  The lady who said she was in business for over 15 years was unable to get his hands open and into the clay right.  The ones that turned out decent, looked like animal prints and not his hands at all.  We seriously tried for about 30 minutes and my poor baby just kept on crying and crying and I got so frustrated that I just left.  I'm an extremely patient person but it was an outrage what we had to go through. My friend recommend you guys earlier and I should of listened.  The other company was a little less expensive and a lot closer to me, but I guess you really do get what you pay for. My friend said you guys didn't have any issues with her baby so I decided to go to you guys anyways and made the trip.   I seriously couldn't believe how fast and easy it was.  That's probably why I was quite!  I already love Jayden's prints and I cannot wait to see the finish product.  Thank you for everything, you girls are so sweet.  I'm totally going to recommend all my mom friends.  - Ester Chen and Baby Jayden


Aurora1  Aurora2  Aurora3

Baby Aurora loves her plaques!


I just picked up the ceramic hearts.  I am very pleased with them!  Thank you.
- Colleen T.


I just got my imprint this morning.  It is so beautiful and just in time for my husband's birthday!  Thank you so much!  - Susan Fisher


Zander Miguel

Omg, I hope you find this as cute as I do!!  We love his birth plate, such a treasure!  Money well spent, thank-you!  =) Keri Zepeda


I know you guys won't be back soon but can you please let me know when you will be in town again?  I just love Avery's plaque so much and want to get them done soon when she turns one.  I went to another local company because I thought it would be somewhat similar but I was rather disappointed, not impressed at all :/  I really rather wait for when you guys come back! - Carmela Tawill



Picked up the plaque!  So adorable, what a sweet, sweet keepsake. You do such a wonderful job!  I am so happy to be able to have this precious memento.  So grateful.  I absolutely LOVE !!!  Thank you!!!!  - Trisha Lujan


We got our plaque.  My wife loved it.  She said it was one of the best presents she received.  Thanks!  Take Care.  - Kevin Swartz 


Addison  Addison2

"It looks amazing! Thank you so much!" - The Mendoza Family


Thanks! They look great!!! - Sandra A.



Thank you to everyone at Made with Love Ceramic Imprints for capturing our 3-year old son's imprints with such grace and creativity.  The process was both easy and fun for Gianni Matteo (aka "The General") -- no fear, no tears! :)  We couldn't wait for our keepsake to arrive and are absolutely thrilled with the final product which has taken a place of honor in our home.  Together, we have created something our family will cherish for years to come, especially as our little boy grows.  Our thanks ... Gio, Gia, and Gianni Matteo


We saw your surfboard plaque and my husband is a professional surfer.  He NEVER says he has to have anything, but when he saw the surfboard plaque....He said he HAD to have that! And that's why I had to drive all the way down from Oceanside! Can't wait to see it.  Thank you so much for your all your help!  -Jessica Killebrew 


Gabriel  Gabriel2

Everyone says "they grow up so."  So, Why not capture that moment forever? Made With Love Imprints was the obvious choice in determining how we could capture Gabriel Ryu's imprints.  These ladies are true professionals.  They listen your wants and needs, offer creative suggestions, and follow up with seamless execution.  Ultimately, they give you a gift that is truly unique.  Not to mention, these make great Christmas, Mother's Day, Anniversary, Birthday gifts.  We highly recommend giving them a call to inquire about any of their products/services.  I know we will definitely be back for more.  Thank you ladies!    - Love, Genard, Janelle, and Gabriel Ryu


Sorry, I got a bit sidetracked by Christmas and our trip to the UK. I had meant to say thank you so much for the beautiful hand and foot prints. I was really happywith how they turned out and Caitlin's grandma was thrilled to get hers.  Thanks again!  - Janet Collier


DiegoLeo     DiegoLeo2

Hello. I recently got my sons' handprints done by your company.  I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! They turned out so great :) We couldn't be happier!  - Erica, Diego and Leo's Mom


Just wanted to let you know that the handprint that I ordered for my son is absolutely ADORABLE! I only wish I had ordered more. I love it and will cherish it forever. And I will definitely recommend you to my friends!  - Best, Mary Jane Arasheben


Mary Jane Arasheben

Picture taken Christmas 2012 with the Grandchildren and their Ava and Avo! A surprise gift...and they love it!!!  


I finally picked up Hailey's plaque and ornament today.  They are so beautiful!  Thank you again for everything.  I look forward to seeing you when I have my next baby :) Take care!   - Courtney Stanz


Ms. Diane

Ms. Diane, Directress at Gateway Montessori and Staff

I can't believe it caught the details of her fingers!  She gets that from her Dad and all her cousins have it, too!  Emily is my only child, so this means a lot to me.  - Emily's Mom, Teacher at Gateway Montessori


Hi There! I have to tell you that when my baby was born, my best friend literally forced me to do these handprints.  She even registered me for one of the events and I dragged myself to the store.  Just having a baby, I was all over the place and the last thing I wanted to do was do handprints (no offense!).  To be very honest, I didn't see much value in it and I was a little bit annoyed that my BFF kept on bugging me.  Thinking back, I probably did it just to get her off my back! Well...when I got our plaque back, I literally cried.  The plaque is absoutely beautiful!! I am not much of an emotional person but seeing Brayden's little hands and feet made me realize how much he has grown and how fast that was.  I know I am so lucky that my BFF was so annoying and persistant ( I guess that is why she is my BFF ) and that I did this because if I didn't, I wouldn't ever have his little hands and feet so little again. So, here I am now...4 months pregnant with our 2nd!! Where will your next event be in Jan?? I want them done asap and I can travel!! Thank you!  - Tammie T. 


We had a great day today.  Thank you for making this experience super special for my boys.  I was a little nervous of how well Nathan would do and if he'd even want to participate.  And for Landon, I had such a hard time with the kits at home. You guys are so sweet and good with kids.  You really have a great team and we are very excited to see the acutal prints soon, Thank you!  - R. Douglas



Riley   Riley2

Sweet Lil' Riley!


I follow you guys on Facebook and I think you guys are doing such good things.  It's really refreshing to hear all the good you guys are doing and how your company is so devoted to the sick children.  I wish you the best of luck.  Turly inspirational and I am such a fan.  I work for a Fortune 500 company and I wish more companies can give back and have such heart. By the way, Jayden's plaque turned out ridiquously amazing.  Thank you again!!
- Rebecca Norleen


Citali Alexa

Citali Alexa's Beautiful Keepsake
"We Made A Wish and You Came True"

Thank you so much for my son's hand keepsake! My husband NEVER cries and when I gave it to him, he cried!! Its such a sent

imental gift.  I know he really liked it.  Thank you so much. So worth the wait.  Please don't ever stop this business becuase when we have another child, we will have to do this again :o)   - Connie


Just want to thank you again for all your wonderful work --- already getting e-mails about how impressed the Moms were tonight :)  Thank you for being patient ...  - Christa K. from FC Mom's Club


                Christa K Christa K

Thank you soooo much for what you have done or my baby girl Khloe Alyssa, and especially for both myself and Victor.  The keepsakes that you made are the most special, touching gifts that a mother and father can ever have.  I will cherish this for the rest of my life.  I will never forget what you did for me that day we did Khole's feet and hand.  It's a feeling I will never forget.  She is growing so fast that until today, when we compared her feet and hand to the ones we did on the plaque is when I actually seen how big she is getting day by day right before my eyes.  I am very grateful to have these keepsakes becuase I will always have my baby Khloe's hand and feet at 7 weeks forever.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart  for the gifts you have done for me and I thank you more for you to have been a part of it.  Thank you again..the plaques are very beautiful.  I will cherish them forever and ever. - Vanessa and Victor Ortiz


"Simply Beautiful...I thank you for the beautiful keepsake that we will get to cherish forever." - William and Jenny C. from San Francisco, CA


I wanted you to know that I love the sibling plaque.  It was exactly what I wanted and came out beautifully.  My son loves it as well.  He likes to put his hand over his handprint and he likes to compare his hand to his baby sister's handprint.  It is really cute to watch.  I am also so happy to hear that you are at South Coast Plaza Baby Gap as I would like to make a plaque for my nephew and niece. - Wynne O. 


              baby baby

Happy Holidays to you and the Family!  I was trying to be a little festive and put a Hawaiian outfit on Elijah for his surf board photo opp. I also tried to be creative with my editing skills. Hope these photos can make the cut! Anyways, I absolutely love love love my ceramic imprints. A must have product! Made with Love Ceramic Imprints has definitely captured those special moments in time. My son is growing up so fast that it reminds me of how priceless these moments are and how much I can appreciate it with my keepsake. Thank you so much! -Jackie, Steve and Baby Elijah




...It Came out Beautiful.  He loves it so much.  He keeps on putting his 2 feet in there and his hands! - Karen Lipetsky, Mother of Aiden


                     daniel              daniel

Thank you so much for Daniel's footprint plaque.  He loves it and I was trying to take a picture of him holding his plaque, but he can't sit here are some photos with his beautiful plaque! Thank you again!- Yolanda, Mother of Baby Daniel


I picked it up and LOVE IT! Thank you so much for the precious keepsake! -Jane Y., Mother of baby Bentley

I am a parent at Children's Montessori of Yorba Linda.  I ordered a hand plaque thinking it will be like any other art gift from school.  I had no idea how beautiful it was going to be.  I was so surprised when we got it.  The pictures do not do it justice one bit.  You can say I was blown away.  Thank you - Belinda D.

Kyle's Baseball Plaque

Kyle's Baseball Keepsake


This is by far, THE BEST MOTHER'S DAY GIFT EVER!!! I don't know how or when my husband pulled this one off.  But when I opened my gift this morning, tears just started rolling down my face because it really meant a lot to me..... - Raelyn's Mommy :)


My name is Mary Ann.  You did my daughter's handprint when she was just 4 days old (that was 2 years ago) and now Issiah is 4 days old.  I am SO grateful towards you.  These hand and footprint keepsakes mean the absolute world to my husband and I.  They are simply priceless and I know this will be a gift that last years beyond my time.  Thank you for that. - God Bless, Mary Ann


Hi Made With Love.  You girls had such a colorful and vibrant booth.  It definitely stood out amongst everything (even though the line was crazy long).  Thank you for Josh and Leila's sibling handprints.  One day, when they get older, I will give it to them for them to cherish. - The Guzzman Family

Thank you for the beautiful keepsake plaque.  We hung it in our kitchen and it looks great!  I wish we could of did their handprints when they were babies, but I guess it's never too late! Thank you again, we will cherish if forever!


Elena and Ethan

The greatest gift ever!!! (Thumbs Up!) - The Gadekar Family


We love our plaques!  Rebecca was so excited to pick it up.  She tells everybody how Big her hands are and she constantly measures her hands against the plaque to show us how much they have grown.  She is very proud of her "hand!  -Monique


Did I mention I love the work you guys did ? I LOVE it ! Thank you so much ! I keep one for myself to be my own Xmas gift.  This is the best one I'd ever had ! Thank you ! - Doris T.


Thank you Made With Love!! You did Abigail's handprints at Tutor Time and gave it as gifts for Christmas to the family.  They were the gifts of the year! Everyone in the family loved it and wanted one!  They are absolutely adorable.  Thank you so much!!! - Arlene M.


... We got them - so glad we did that, they are wonderful! - Lindsay

We have seen a lot of handprint pieces throughout the years.  People coming and going to drop off their ceramic pieces.  But I must say, you girls seriously have THE NICEST work.  We are very impressed.  And we're not just saying that.  Very Nice!
- Jamie and Dieter at C & C 



Baby Andre

I am SO glad to have met you!  I had my two older boys' handprints done 8 and 5 years ago.  So when Jacob was born, I was desperately looking for someone to do this.  I must say, the quality and design of your work does not even compare!  I am SO Happy with his baseball plaque and I wish my other two boys' handprint plaque was just as cute! - Mom to Ryan, Mikey and Jacob


You girls have a beautiful business.  Keep up the beautiful work! I was very impressed with the quality of the plaque! - Mary Anderson



Oh My Goodness!  We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Dean's hand and footprint plaque!  I cannot believe how little his hands were and how much they have grown already!  Thank you for doing this for us! We will tell all our friends and family! - Darlene D.

I got my son's handprint already . I really love it. - Phuong Pham


Thank you so much for Bhargavhi's and Praneel's handprint plaques!  They love it so much!  Every time someone comes to the house, they run to their rooms to show off their handprint plaques!  They truly love it and we thank you for such beautiful keepsakes!
- Parents of Bhargavi and Praneel

Thanks, they look great! - Sandra Aguilar