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Our Promise to You

Made With Love Ceramic Imprints - Our Guarantee  

Due to the time intensive nature of our production process, we do not offer refunds.  Ceramics is very delicate and can be unpredictable at times.  In the rare and unfortunate event that your imprints break during the firing process, we will create another imprint for you at no additional charge.

Each of our ceramic keepsake is unique and delicate in design; it will have its own variations and inconsistencies, as it is 100% hand-crafted and customized.  We take pride in our keepsakes and are confident you will cherish your print for many years to come. 

Occasionally, because of the sensitive nature of ceramics, a keepsake will crack during firing in our kiln.  This is rare, but it occasionally happens.  If this happens to your imprint, we will need to re-create your imprint over from scratch; in this case, delivery time will be anywhere between 6-8 weeks.  If this happens, we will contact you and re-create your print.


Every ceramic impression is personally hand-crafted so your imprints may vary in glaze and thickness of the piece; some being darker or lighter, thicker or thinner, but never too far different from the sample plaques you selected.

We can not guarantee that your imprints will have the exact shade or uniformity of paint, nor the same thickness you see in our samples.  We can not guarantee that you will see all the lines and/or wrinkles in the hands or feet.  Natural lines in the hands and feet are different for each individual as some may be more apparent than others.  Natural lines may also be covered with paint and glaze during the process of hand-crafting these ceramic imprints.  Please take into consideration that each hand and feet are unique and have their own shape, size and appearance.   

Please respect the artists, workers, and staff members of Made with Love Ceramic Imprints Inc., as a lot of time, energy and effort goes into each individual keepsake. Made with Love Ceramic Imprints holds the right to refuse service at any given time.