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How is an Impression Created?

To capture an impression of a lifetime, the process is really quite simple. 

Personalize your Plaque.

You select the shape of the plaque.  You have the option to select between a traditional shape or a custom shape. Designs are as follows:

  • Traditional Plaque Shape: Square, Rectangle, Circle, and Oval.
  • Custom Plaque Shape: Heart, Star, Baseball and Surfboards.

You select the font of your choice.

Next, you choose what you want written on the keepsake.  Your child's name and age are imprinted on the front of the plaque. Birth information for a newborn may be imprinted as well.  Any additional information such as the year, birth date, etc. you want inscribed on the front of the plaque, in addition to the name and age, will be considered a design option.

You choose the color scheme of you plaque.  We have about 20 different colors to choose from.

You choose your design options.  Design options include butterfly, car, heart, train, airplane, helicopter, flower, elephant, polka dots, etc.  We have over 50 design options to choose from!  Design options are optional and not included in the base price.

Then, you select the ribbon.

We take your child’s impression by taking your child's hands or feet and gently pressing into our safe, non-toxic clay to create a nice and deep imprint.

Although our clay is safe, we always practice good hygiene with all babies and children, as well as adults!  We provide you with baby wipes to clean immediately after your baby or child get the impressions done.

Once we get a deep and visible imprint, the piece is taken back to the studio.

The minute your piece arrives at our studio, we work on it immediately.  The process of personalizing this beautiful hand-crafted keepsake is a labor-intensive, professional process that takes approximately 7-8 weeks to complete.

You will pick up the finished keepsake at the location where the imprint was done.  Special arrangements may be made if discussed ahead of time.