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Miss Frugal Mommy

My eight year old daughter recently celebrated her eighth birthday and as I flipped through old photo albums, I could not believe how much she had grown. Her baby book was filled with memories that seemed so long ago and those[read more...]

Must Have Mom!

Back in the day moms preserved their baby’s first steps by bronzing their little shoes. Today’s moms now have a great option for preserving those little footprints too! Made With Love was started by two moms looking for a modern day way to preserve those little hand and[read more...]

Preserve Your Little Ones Hand Prints - The Bragging Mommy

Not too long after I placed the order I received the package that included the molding clay and cardboard to roll it out on. All 4 of my children were so excited to start right away so we[read more...]

Permanent Reminder of Love - A Day In Motherhood

Some things truly impress me. Made With Love Ceramic Imprints touches me to my heart. A way to freeze time, the beautiful end result of this product will constantly take me back to the day my kids were 4, 6 and 7. Any mother[read more...]

Capturing Memories with Made with Love Ceramic Imprints

With two little boys that grow up so fast, I try to do all I can to preserve memories. They are only little once, and I want something to look back on and to show their own kids some day. [read more...]

Amazing Custom Keepsakes, Truly Made with Love! {Review}

Way up in the top of my closet I have a keepsake box with various things. Look in it and you will find a pair of bronzed shoes … they were [read more...]

Made With Love Ceramic Imprints: captured today to treasure tomorrow

The beauty and complexity of having children is that it all happens so fast. Even when the days occasionally stretch on, the weeks and months and years just fly by. Creating keepsakes becomes a [read more...]

Thrifty Mom's Reviews & more: Made With Love Ceramic Imprints

Have you ever tried to make those holiday ornaments with your child’s hand print on them? I have tried time after time and I fail miserably. The dough doesn’t work, the drying in [read more...]

My Baby’s Special Keepsake By Made With Love Ceramic Imprints

I am amazed how quickly kids grow up. It’s hard to believe I had a baby last year and she’s already one year old! Time flies so I try to take it all in when I can. [read more...]

Made With Love Review - Simply Stacie

There are few keepsakes as precious as a young child’s hand or foot print immortalized in clay. The years seem to go by so fast and it’s truly a special memory to keep, remembering how little they once were. I’ve tried the [read more...]

The Chirping Moms: Friday Favorites - Made with Love Imprints

I'm sharing about one of my recent "baby" finds for you all. I have to admit to you all that I am a bit of a "keepsake" junkie. I still have the first outfits that the kids came home in. [read more...]

Outnumbered 3 to 1: Wonderful Keepsake Plus Giveaway

It seems my babies are growing up so fast so I am constantly snapping pictures of them so I can remember what they looked like at each age. I am always on the lookout for any product out there that offers items to [read more...]

Arizona Mama: Review & Giveaway Plus Discount Code

Having a baby is such a precious time and it goes by so quickly. With both of my boys I have wanted to soak up every minute of their babyhood. They change so quickly and grow daily. [read more...]

3 Princes And A Princess 2: Immortalize Babies First Steps (Review & Giveaway)

It all goes by too fast. One minute you’re tending to a wobbly headed newborn and in a blink of an eye they’ve grown into little people. It’s easy to forget just how small they were and the day to day memories. [read more...]

being MVP: Made With Love Imprints | One-Of-A-Kind Keepsake + #Giveaway

How sweet is it to have a keepsake to document your child's growth? Something that you don't even have to leave your home to make? [read more...]

Chasing Rabbits: Made With Love Imprints coupon code

Taking an unusual turn today, as I assist my wife in some of her crazy shenanigans. One of the things we do here is toy reviews, which also includes fun keepsakes for our kids as well as ourselves. [read more...]