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Love Project

What is the Love Project?

The Love Project was created to reach out to families with children who are sick, terminally ill, or who are facing life threatening conditions.  After many years of working with several local Children's Hospital, we knew we had created something truly special.  But we were sad that we were only limited to just our local hospitals.

We know that capturing a tangible memory of a child before they leave this world is a memory the families will deeply cherish forever.

And through the wisdom of these families who have endured the tough journey of raising a terminally ill child, we have learned a lot.  They want to be heard; they want to share their story and, more importantly, they want their child to be remembered.
So it is our sincere hope that by sharing their stories, we can create a community of hope, love, courage and of course, a memory of their child.

How Does it Work?

Every month, Made with Love will choose a child to be their "Child Warrior".  They will be receive a handprint kit sent directly to them or their hospital, at no cost to them.  With the handprint kit, the family can take their child's impression at the convenience of their own home, at their own time, and send it back to us.  Made with Love will take care of the rest!  We will create a beautiful keepsake for the families and send it back on behalf of Made with Love.  The families do not have to worry about cost.

How can my child be selected as the "Child Warrior of the Month"?

Anyone can nominate a child: friends, family, siblings, neighbors, teachers, and nurses!  Please tell us why you choose to nominate your child by sending us your story to [email protected]  If you are chosen, we will share your "Child Warrior" story along with your child's picture and their finished keepsake.  You will be featured as the "Child Warrior of the Month".

What Inspired The Love Project?

A common feeling of a parent of a terminally ill child is, often at times, worry .... worried that they will one day forget how their child touch felt, smelled, looked, and smiled ... and that just breaks our hearts.  We wish to create that special memory for the family so they will always remember ... and more importantly a reminder that above all things, their child was here for a reason, greater than our knowledge, regardless of the outcome. 

A nurse once told us that our visits to the Children's Hospital is like Christmas, for both the kids and the parents.  The children there rarely get to make any decisions of their own and when we allow them to design their own keepsake, they light up and feel empowered to make their own decisions.  We allow them to get creative and encourage them to express themselves through the colors and designs they choose.

The children take much pride in their artwork.  Just knowing we are able to create that special moment for the children and parents bring us so much joy.  We know that some of these children will never get to see their masterpiece ... but their families will and we hope that it will remind them of that special moment, when their child felt alive and empowered!

Each hospital visit we make, it is always bittersweet.  We are happy to bring a moment of joy and a moment of normalcy, but we leave broken hearted for many reasons.  If only we can do more.  If only we can do this for every child, for every family there.  If only we can reach out to more children.  If only, if only, if only....

And so, through the grace of God, and the beautiful hearts of our staff, The Love Project was created.

We sincerely hope that we can reach out to as many children as possible through The Love Project.  If you are a parent of a sick child or a friend of someone who is going through this, please nominate them.  We want to hear from you.  We understand that this is a truly difficult time, but we promise you it is worth it.  Life is made by creating memories.  We hope we can create an everlasting one for your child warrior

**** Please note: The Love Project is based off of the honor system.  Made With Love and staff graciously dedicates their own time, money and resources to Our Children Warriors.  If your child does not fall within the qualifications mentioned above, please reconsider nominating them, as we are truly limited in selecting one family per month. We thank you for honoring this request!