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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work? TOP

Everything is custom designed and interchangeable!

Contact Made with Love to schedule an appointment for your child at one the listed handprint events.

You choose the shape of the plaque, color scheme, font, and ribbon of your choice.

We have several design options to choose from: Dinosaurs, butterflies, polka-dots, crown, heart cut-out, fire engines, cars, cats, dogs, and elephants, to name a few!  We welcome creativity and some of our own customers have come up with some of the best selling keepsakes!

The pieces go through an intensive ceramic process that takes approximately 8-10 weeks to complete.


How long does it take to get an impression done? TOP

It takes no more than five minutes per piece to create the impression of the hand/footprint into the clay.


Are these plaques all individually hand-crafted? TOP

Yes, absolutely! 

Each individual plaque/ornament is carefully hand-crafted.  Each step of creating the plaque requires our careful attention to detail in providing the best quality possible.


What happens if you can’t get the imprint the first time? TOP

We usually get it right the first time; however, if we don't, we will redo the impression.  We will attempt to do it three times.  If your baby is uncooperative, we will reschedule your appointment for a later date.


What should I expect my baby or child to do? TOP

We will instruct you to hold your baby or child a certain way while we take the impressions to get the best imprint possible. Newborns typically do not like their hands and feet gently pressed into the wet, cold clay. So if they do cry, it is just for that moment!  

As for young children, they are usually eager to play with the clay!  We've seen it all! But nevertheless, we take their wiggly fingers and toes and firmly press it into the clay to get deep impressions! 


If I order more than one plaque/ornament, do you have to get more than one impression? TOP

At our events, becasue we imprint your child's hand/foot into the actual clay itself, imprints are done more than once for multiples. For instance, if you order four separate plaques, we will get four separate impressions of your child.


The materials used - is it safe? TOP

The clay we use is certified non-toxic and safe for babies and children.  


How long will it take before I receive my finished keepsake? TOP

Your impression will be taken back to the studio, where it will be worked on immediately following the event.  In total, the process will take ­approximately 8-10 weeks.  This is all part of the professional process that brings your treasured keepsakes for a lifetime!

Pleast note: The ceramics process is one that CANNOT be rushed.  We take pride in our work.  To ensure we provide you with top-notch quality work, it takes time.

Patience, Grasshopper ... it will be worth the wait! =)


Where do we pick up our imprints? TOP

Once the imprints are completely finished, they will be returned back to the school, hospital, or store where they were done.  The orders will be given to the Manager or Director, who is in charge of distributing the plaques back to the appropriate parents.  Once the orders are given back to the Director, it is no longer the responsbility of Made With Love to ensure it goes to the appropriate parent.  The parents must resume the responsibility to check their keepsakes prior to leaving the location.

Imprints taken at our home studio or local event can be shipped or picked up at the same location.  Shipping and handling charges apply.


What happens if my keepsake cracks or is damaged in the firing process? TOP

Because the ceramic pieces are fired at extremely high temperatures, there is a possibility that the impressions may break. It doesn’t happen often, but it does occur at times. In this case, we offer to do redo the impression at no additional cost to you.


Do you ship the keepsakes to us? TOP

Yes, we can ship the keepsakes to you for an additional fee.  If you are vacationing and want the item shipped to you (out of the state/country), it is doable, as long as you provide us with the correct mailing address.


How do we know when the keepsakes are ready? TOP

We will contact you as soon as the keepsakes are complete and ready for pick up/to be shipped.  You will be informed via e-mail, so please make sure you provide us with the correct e-mail address so that we are able to contact you upon completion. 

Please check your spam inbox if you do not receive an e-mail notification in 8-9 weeks.  Sometimes, our e-mail notifications may be filtered into your spam inbox.


Do you offer refunds? TOP

Due to the labor intensive nature of this business, we do not offer refunds.


What forms of payment do you accept? TOP

We accept Debit or Credit Card, either Visa or Mastercard, Check, and Cash.

Please note: A $25.00 fee will be charged for any bounced checks, subject to pay CASH ONLY.


Does any of my personal information get sold to any third parties? TOP

None of your personal information, this includes your e-mail and credit card info, gets sold to any third parties.  The information stays strictly with Made with Love.


Is my child too young/too old? TOP

We get impressions from not only newborn babies and small children, but for toddlers, big kids, teenagers, and adults, too!  No child is too big or too old to get impressions done.  Some of our custom plaque shapes, however, are limited only to babies twelve months and younger, i.e. surfboard and star shaped-plaques.

If you plan on doing imprints for teenagers or adults, please be sure to let us know before the handprint event.  If you intend on purchasing a "Family Plaque", or "Parent & Child" Plaque, you have to let us know in advance, prior to the event, so that we are able to accommodate the larger adult hands! 


Where are you located? Do you have a store? TOP

We currently work out of two locations in our home studio in the Bay Area and Inland Empire/Orange County. Future locations coming soon!

Made with Love Imprints Inc. holds several handprint events at locations all throughout Northern and Southern California.

Made with Love Imprints Inc. is now taking mail orders as well.  Please contact us for additional information.  A great gift for those out of state or the country!


What if we are from out of town/state and would like to order a keepsake from you? TOP

We can definitely accommodate to those of you who are from out of town/state through our special mail order process.  Please contact Lisa or Jamie for additional information.


I missed your event! TOP

Made with Love Ceramic Imprints Inc. holds several handprint events per month at various locations.  Please check back with our future events.  Appointments are required to guarantee a spot for your child.

You may place all online orders through this website as well!


For school/daycare and special group events, how does it usually work? TOP

We make it quick, simple and easy...

For school events, you book your appointment with us in advance (at least three weeks in advance).  We will provide you with our flyers, along with our picture order forms.  Flyers will announce date, time and location of the event.

Flyers will be sent home with the parents.  We will also provide you with a few of our sample plaques and ornaments for your display.

On the day of the event, we set up in a central location where the children come in to quickly put their hands into clay to create an impression! The process literally takes about one minute per child.

We have received excellent feedback regarding our process.  The children get excited, it's simple for the teachers, and we all have a great time creating imprints!


Do you create impressions at parties, special events, and playgroups? TOP

Absolutely!   Contact us and schedule an appointment to reserve your spot – give us at least 2-3 month’s notice so we can arrange to make it happen!

For parties and events for Monday - Friday, our Weekday Special is a required 10+ plaque minimum purchase.  The host receives one FREE Handprint Plaque of choice.

For parties and events on Saturday or Sunday, our Weekend Special is a required 25+ plaque minimum purchase.  The host receives one FREE Handprint Plaque of choice.

A 2-3 month advance notice is highly recommended. Please check our Events for Availability, or contact either Lisa or Jamie for details.  Only private parties and hospital events are exclusded in our caldenar of events.


Do you offer Gift Certificates? TOP

Absolutely! They make some of the best and most unique gifts! Rather then getting toys or clothes, try getting a memorable keepsake the family will treasure! Just ask any associate and we can sent it to you or pick up at any event!