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Our Company

Here at Made with Love Ceramic Imprints Inc., we are extremely passionate about one simple thing – to capture and create hand and footprints of babies and children everywhere!

As mothers of young children, we understand and share the same views as most parents.  Our children grow up too quickly, we don’t ever want to forget how precious their little hands and feet are.  Every time we glance at our own children’s ceramic keepsakes, it never fails to remind us of how incredibly fast they have grown.  We are always so grateful we took the opportunity to capture such a beautiful moment in time.  In reflection, we look back now to know that it was a once in a lifetime moment, one we will always cherish dear to our hearts.

Made With Love truly believes that the little moments in life make the end of our lives worthwhile.  Life is too short, our children grow up too fast, and we never want to take this journey in life for granted.

We understand that capturing your child’s hand and footprints is extremely special – it is a moment you can never buy back.  And this is the reason why our business is Made With Love … because that is EXACTLY what we do.  Each individual handprint plaque is carefully hand-crafted, and more importantly, a lot of LOVE is put into every keepsake that is created.

We sincerely hope you love and cherish your child’s imprints just as much as we have with our own.  It is our hope that these keepsakes will be a reminder for you and your family of that special moment in one’s lifetime – the innocence, the sweet little imprints of your child’s hands and feet.  We know that these plaques are a lifetime keepsake for generations to come and MWL is incredibly honored to take part of this process.

A sincere Thank You to all of our customers, past and present.  As a company, MWL has grown tremendously, done thousands of handprints, have connected with families all across the globe and have partnered up with some of the best retail stores, school and amazing children hospitals.  On a personal level, we, too, have grown….through the families and children that have welcomed us into their lives.  We have learned from many of you and will be eternally grateful for the unspoken lessons, the warmth and joy you have brought to us.

MWL is nothing without our loyal customers.  We cannot stress enough what a privilege this is to us and we take that to heart.  We know one day, we’ll get to look back at our lives and know that we’ve made a lasting impression somewhere….


With All Our Love,

Made With Love Staff and Family :)


Each keepsake are a individually 100% handcrafted.